Sunny South Africa

We recently went back home to South Africa for contract break and boy was it amazing being back home! As much as China is where I live and definitely feels like home after a year, there’s something about going where your friends and family and knowing that is home.


It felt like the longest journey going somewhere, but I think because of the excitement of going home to everything we know and being able to see everyone… we just wanted the time to fly – literally! We came through Singapore and that was a small adventure on its own without having to even leave the airport! It’s crazy to think that they have so many different things happening in an airport! We managed to find only a few of the things around, a butterfly room, a swimming pool, a movie house and of course all the shops lining the walls… I guess that there’s so much you could possibly do to make the time go by faster!

Eventually we jumped on the plane and were on our way back home! It seemed like it was forever that we were flying, but after a long layover with a late departure for our connecting flight, it went by faster because of how much we slept. When the pilot said that we were starting to descend, a wave of emotion hit me, I think I was beyond excited and my body didn’t know what to do… so sitting there with tears (definitely of joy) rolling down my face waiting to see my family at the airport! When living in China you forget how things are so fast and efficient, especially with customs, mainly because no matter where we travel we just jump into the foreigner line with like 3 other people! As much as there was a line and a half for customs because so many flights landed, it was still exciting! It made us think of different things we hadn’t heard or seen in a year! As much as we work with other South Africans, there’s something about seeing it in South Africa! From how people were dressed to how the customs employees would speak… that’s when you knew that you were properly back in South Africa! While all of this is happening there were still tears of joy running down my face, because I knew I was home!

As much as we had both seen our family in the year that we had been in China, it was so different knowing that I get to see them, but I get to have the old days as a normal! It was back to the 4 of us living in the same house again and it felt like nothing had changed… except where I lived! It was truly incredible being able to have it back to how it always was. There were so many things that we were going to do and tons of people we were going to see! It started the next day of seeing all of my family which definitely was incredible being able to see so many! Being able to catch up with everyone, see how all their lives and the previous year had been. It was also nice that we didn’t have to tell the same stories multiple times! Eventually it continued to see people that weren’t family, but definitely felt like it!

As a family, we eventually got to go away and have some true family time and be able to do absolutely nothing as a family! The drive to Clarens was definitely an interesting one! By the time that it would have taken us to get there, we spent in Sasolburg… trying to find a wheel for the car! Definitely was a few too many hours there, but at least there were some strange and wonderful memories made!


Once we eventually made it to Clarens, it was time to do a lot of nothing and that is exactly what happened! On the first day we were able to wonder through the whole town, just strolling around… you never realize how small a little town can actually be! Especially if you think people actually live there, it’s not juts a holiday place… everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business! The more that I live on the other side of the world to my family the more I realize that time together is incredibly special! As much as we all talk and do our normal family time calls, there’s something about being able to be with one another that is amazing! So time like this, going away and having us, it is something wonderful!

Although this trip had been incredible being able to see so many different people and make so many wonderful memories, it was eventually time for us to head back to our reality of China! Even though the trip was short, the memories will always be with us!

So one day we will definitely return to South Africa, we will return… but until that day, it will be a “see you soon”

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