Teaching in China

So we have been in China for 5 almost 6 months so we have been teaching for just about 5 months or a little longer. At fist it is the scariest thing ever because you have 12 sets of eyes staring at you. Half of the time when they are the in the younger stages, aged 4-6, you are normally the first foreigner that they have ever seen. They normally just sit there staring at you either being little parrots, crying, completely shocked or just the happiest kids ever!

It is truly the best thing to do especially when you can see them grow. Normally for First Leap, there are tons of classes being opened. This means it’s brand new classes that have never done a day of English in their lives. Probably for 2 or 3 months i have been opening tons of classes. It is always interesting opening classes because you’re going to have one of 4 types of kids and just how they react. However, I think that opening classes is the best because they kids get attached to you very quickly, so it makes teaching the classes so much better. You are also able to see the kids grow and how they are picking up the English language very quickly. With opening so many of the classes, all my classes, they’re about a week behind so i am teaching the same lessons pretty much each week, obviously just to different groups of students. It’s always fun doing the same classes but you have to change it up for yourself because else you start to drive yourself a little crazy. There are small differences that you end up doing for each class, but with time you see that each class gets better and better with each small adjustment. At the same time you see how the students actually enjoy some of the small adjustments that you’ve made for the classes.


Each class is so different, the students each have such different personalities which makes each and every class so special and different. Sometimes you get the students who see you in the hallway and they just start shouting your name in excitement and sometimes run to give you a hug, this truly warms your heart each time and no matter how many times it happens. On the other hand, you can have it where the students cry because they miss their parents, so it is truly a very different bunch pf people you get. In the end you get a such a different spread of students which makes teaching them so much fun, definitely the best time i’ve had so far.

Each of my classes is the best that I could ask for because they are all so excited to learn and be in class. Sometimes you see some students in other classes that just don’t want to be there in the class at all or just have no interest in learning English. So it is really really nice when there are the students that are excited to learn. At the same time, sometimes they don’t always know that they are learning, there are just so many games and fun things you do in class that it doesn’t seem like they’re actually learning.

At the end of each day, I am super happy that i’ve moved to China to teach these little munchkins, they make each day a little bit better even with some of the little challenges that come with teaching. However it is super rewarding! I am truly loving teaching in China and wouldn’t change the past 5-6 months and I look forward to the remainder of our contracts teaching here.

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