Tips for moving to China

I know that there are tons of travel blogs out there that give different tips and tricks of going to different countries, so you might think what is so different about this one... I'll let you be the judge of that! No matter where you plan on traveling to or moving to, you obviously need... Continue Reading →

Sunny South Africa

We recently went back home to South Africa for contract break and boy was it amazing being back home! As much as China is where I live and definitely feels like home after a year, there's something about going where your friends and family and knowing that is home. It felt like the longest journey... Continue Reading →

Living Abroad in China

Making a big life change is pretty scary, but you know what's even scarier... regret! Living abroad is hard no matter where you are in the world, however what I know as living abroad is completely different to what I expected from when I left home. Before the move to China in July 2018, I... Continue Reading →

Learning Chinese

Nǐ hǎo! Wǒ jiào Ashleigh. Wǒ zhù zài zhōngguó nánjīng. Wǒ huì shuō yīdiǎn zhōngwén. Wǒ zhèngzài xuéxí shuō zhōngwén. In translation... "Hello! My name is Ashleigh. I live in Nanjing, China. I can speak a little Chinese. I am learning to speak Chinese." Chinese is a very interesting yet very complicated language to learn.... Continue Reading →

Tackling Hong Kong

2019 has started off with a bang… as well as a few flights and train trips around! We have made sure that we take advantage of how close we are to everything and how easy it is getting from one place to the other. March rolled around and it was someone’s 26th birthday! So, as you... Continue Reading →

Year of the Pig

So, in China, Chinese New Year is not the same as it is for Western Cultures, being the 1st of January… the exact date changes every year. This year it fell in February, which is a weird concept that the new year can start in the second month of the year, but I guess China... Continue Reading →

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